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Xavier Alexandre

Xavier Alexandre cumulates more than 20 years’ experience in FX with a deep knowledge of all the technologies needed to run FX algorithmic operations.

Xavier has launched and developed several FX teams in sales, trading or algo-trading. He worked in various banks such as BBL Singapore, Credit Lyonnais Singapore, London and Paris, where he headed 14 FX trading teams in Western and Central Europe, and more recently, Unicredit, where he was Global Head of e-Commerce.

Xavier has deep, multi-layer experience, be it on the financial service side, such as Fininfo, where he headed a team of 75 providing equity trading platforms, on the matching side, such as HotspotFXi, where he was in charge of Europe and Asia, on the sell side, such as Unicredit, where he launched Quantus, now the bank’s platform for all institutional customers, and on the technical side, as he was involved in the setting up of platforms in various institutions.

Xavier holds an MBA from University of Chicago and 2 Masters of Science from UCL, Belgium.