1. Managing e-FX Platform Projects

StarBright Partners helps a bank build a new platform, taking the project from the time the budget is approved to the launch. StarBright selects the staff and the suppliers for the project and ensures efficient communication with all concerned units to minimise time to market.

2. Designing Algorithms for a Fund

StarBright has designed algorithms for a high-frequency fund aiming at a volume of several USD bios/day. These algorithms were both trading and execution algos. In this case, the fund retains IP rights over the developed algorithms.

3. Selecting Components for a Large Buy-Side Customer

StarBright spends a few days with buy-side customers, first giving them a full introduction to the eFX world, listing all the main participants and what they are about, before applying this know-how to help select the best execution suite, customised for the institution.

4. Setting up 2 DLT servers using Multichain Technology

StarBright sets up 2 servers running Mutichain technology and generates control tools using available APIs, enabling test users to send payments, carry out FX deals with DVP, mine and authenticate.