1. Advice On e-FX Platforms
2. Project Management
StarBright Partners can advise on any of the modules in the above structure, which basically describes all e-FX platforms in the market, made of 3 layers:
  • an upstream layer, where the platform connects to liquidity providers, ECNs, banks or other entities
  • a midstream layer, where counterparties are managed and which also connects to back office
  • a downstream layer, where liquidity is streamed to various multi- or single- bank
StarBright Partners can oversee an entire e-FX project, from the sourcing of the various staff or consultants and drafting the budget all the way to selecting the suppliers and to launch and production.
3. Algorithmic Designs 4. e-FX Primers

StarBright Partners has many innovative algorithms, for price-forming, trading or execution. They can be readily inserted in any existing e-FX structure, even as part of already existing designs.


Please click here to see an illustration of a price forming algorithmic process.

StarBright Partners conducts seminars for financial institutions, banks, funds, retail providers or financial services providers.

Within two days, an entire summary of the e-FX field is provided.

The main value is in the categorisation of all participants in the field, especially at the supplier level.